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"Investing Advice from Unlikely Investors"

Dear Friends,

I just returned from one of my favorite conferences of the year - Milken Global Conference. Changemakers and innovators gave inspiring talks on topics from finance to wellness. It is invigorating to hear how we can use financial innovation to drive the kind of outcomes that inspire us. 

My favorite panel is " Investing Advice from Unlikely Investors" hosted by Michael Milken.

A few takeaways pertaining to real estate:

  • What you buy is more important than what you pay

  • A good contract does not make a lousy investment successful

  • There is no such thing as a "Must-Do" deal

Hope is not an investment strategy but real estate investment is. Investments are commitments that compare to relationships. Some investments, like the stock market, compare to dating while real estate investment compares to marriage. With any commitment, diligence is essential.

As an advistor, I work diligently to insure my clients have successful marriages. Are you looking for your next successful courtship? Call me today.


Do You Have Lazy Money?

Is your cash lazy? Or is your money helping you get somewhere?  One of the major ways we see our clients fall victim to lazy money is via paying to rent instead of paying to own. Owning a home allows for your money to appreciate and gain value over time as well as help reduce your tax burden.  And, owning in New York can often be the same price per month as renting. 

Don't believe us? Take for example the new, luxury Brooklyn development, 550 Vanderbilt. A studio purchased there with 30% down will yield around a $2,488 monthly payment with mortgage and common charges.  The rent for a similar unit in the same exact building is $2,500.  And while the costs are the same, the person paying to own is building equity, investing in their future net worth, and reducing their tax burden. 

So the choice is yours:

Do you want lazy money, or do you want to make your money work for you? 



No Holes? No Problem!

Don't want your landlord to keep your security depsoit? Want to hide all the cords on your desk or home office?  Have to work with a wall of windows?  Architectural Digest recently published an article on some inventive ideas for displaying art in unconventional ways.  Whether you're a nervous renter or owner who just wants to refresh a space,  these tips may be just what you needed! 

Check out the full article on Architectural Digest Here!

Start at the Bottom for Tip Top Redecorating

Starting with the basics, a large rug and drawing out a quick floor plan, is often the best first step to take when redecorating a room.  Rather than going out and immediately ordering a new, large piece of furniture, start with what you have.  Beginning with the floors and walls, work your way into the space filling as you go; you may just find you don't need to purchase anything after all.  For more redecorating tips, check out this article on Architectural Digest featuring tips from great designers. 


International Buyer's Guide

Buying in New York is always complicated, but when you live in another country, an extra level of difficulty applies.  The Scholz Team is experienced in the added steps that are required to help international buyers navigate these challenges. We work with the experienced attorneys, appraisers, and financiers in order to make the process as smooth as possible.  When you work with The Scholz Team, you can truly focus on finding a home you love, and let us handle the details.

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