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"Investing Advice from Unlikely Investors"

Dear Friends,

I just returned from one of my favorite conferences of the year - Milken Global Conference. Changemakers and innovators gave inspiring talks on topics from finance to wellness. It is invigorating to hear how we can use financial innovation to drive the kind of outcomes that inspire us. 

My favorite panel is " Investing Advice from Unlikely Investors" hosted by Michael Milken.

A few takeaways pertaining to real estate:

  • What you buy is more important than what you pay

  • A good contract does not make a lousy investment successful

  • There is no such thing as a "Must-Do" deal

Hope is not an investment strategy but real estate investment is. Investments are commitments that compare to relationships. Some investments, like the stock market, compare to dating while real estate investment compares to marriage. With any commitment, diligence is essential.

As an advistor, I work diligently to insure my clients have successful marriages. Are you looking for your next successful courtship? Call me today.