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One World Trade Party Photos

We want to thank everyone for attending our client appreciation party this past week, and those of you who were unable to attend were sorely missed.

We are grateful for your support and business and thankful for the opportunity a very special NYC experience with you. We have shown many of you the city in some capacity, but never from an aerial view. 

Art and culture are the heartbeats of NYC, and we thank you for taking the time to learn more about chashama. A fantastic art charity that provides artist residential and commercial space to stay in the city we all love.

Until next year.....

Trevor Project Needs You...

Last Friday, November 11th, The Scholz Team attended a fantastic fundraiser for The Trevor Project. From acrobats to drag queens it was a great party for a great cause. We discovered some very sobering facts about what is happening with the youth of this country. No matter your political affiliation our LGBT youth are scared and need our help to let them know they are accepted and supported. 

  • In the days following the election, calls, chats, and texts from young people have reached the highest levels we’ve seen in Trevor’s history (since 1998).
  • Death by suicide among adolescents, 10 – 14 years old, has been on the rise and is now higher than that of death by motor vehicles. (*CDC)
  • LGB young people in 9th to 12th grade attempt suicide at a rate more than 4 times that of their heterosexual peers. (*CDC)

Our team member Chris Ritchey and his husband Patrick are members of the Trevor Project Impact Circle. Impact Circle is Trevor’s leading annual fund program. Last year, Impact Circle members made it possible for Trevor to impact the lives of nearly 200,000 young people through our suicide intervention and prevention programs. 

Please join our team in supporting Trevor Project at this critical time. We have joined the #givingtuesday challenge and invite you to join us as well. Even the smallest amount can help us reach our goal. Whether you donate yourself or join our team as a member to fundraise as well we appreciate your support. 

The Scholz Team at Compass
Help us raise money for The Trevor Project


Photos from the Trevor Fall Fete 2016