Empire State of Sparkle

The Empire State Building now has a flashy nightly light show -- according to Time Out, the Empire State Building will now be putting on a sparkling light show on the hour, every hour, between sunset and 2am. The sassy skyscraper sparkle parties will last for five minutes and showcase the building’s advanced LED light system, that was completely overhauled in 2012. 

You can share your photos and videos of the new flashy light show on social media using the hashtag #ESBsparkle. 


Introducing Brendan

Hey there, it’s nice to meet you. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have joined Compass, but more importantly, the Scholz Team! You’re probably wondering who I am, where I came from, and why I decided to join Compass and this team.

I currently live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with my boyfriend and the occasional foster dog. I grew up in Pittsburgh as the oldest of four boys, spent four amazing years at Lehigh University studying finance and real estate before making my way to New York City. My first apartment was actually across the Hudson in Jersey City for a short year, and since then I’ve been in the city: first in Sutton Place/Midtown East, then Chelsea, and now Williamsburg.

Prior to joining Compass I worked at PNC, most recently in real estate banking where I got to learn the New York City market while working on construction loans and commercial mortgages. After 5 ½ years, I was ready to say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to the people and properties that give New York City its pulse.

When the time came to pick a brokerage firm, I knew Compass was where I wanted to be after friends who worked here raved about the culture. I had to experience it for myself. And when an agent friend introduced me to Cindy, he said, “I could really see the two of you vibing.” The rest is history!


Credit Freeze


Tax season means that everyone is looking at their financials- from corporate entities to mom and pop shops to individual employees, it's the time of year to take a step back and asses.  One important step in that process should also be to check your credit score and make sure that nothing looks out of the ordinary.  Privacy breaches in 2017 at some of the top credit firms mean that it is vital to explore options to protect access to your credit.  One of the most effective ways to do this is freezing your credit. Click here to freeze your credit and click here to read about other ways to protect yourself and your finances.  



Cook Up Some Color

One frequently overlooked design element in kitchens, and especially in New York kitchens, is color.  Like many of you, we appreciate the clean and fresh feel of a muted or white kitchen; but adding color can go a long way to add style and personality to your home. From easy touches of color with art or planters to going full in with a tiled backsplash or school bus yellow oven, why not cook up some color in your kitchen? 

One of the more expensive touches of color would have to be the appliances.  Adding color this way may seem dangerous, but just look at the pay off.  Cabinents, accent chairs, tiles, and art are also great ways to incorporate color. 

For more ideas on adding color to your home, click here.  


Ceiling Improvements

 Ceilings are always above us, but not always considered. Here are 3 great ways to upgrade the aesthetics of your space and increase the value of your home.  If you are considering remodeling a space, be open to the idea of putting money towards the ceiling for a simple way to make a big impact. Just whatever you do, don't do popcorn cielings! 



Coffered Ceilings 

Coffered Ceilings 

Natural Wood Beams

Natural Wood Beams

Tongue and Groove

Tongue and Groove

Combination of Coffered and Tongue & Groove 

Combination of Coffered and Tongue & Groove 

Eye Sores No More

Every home has a few eyesores that may spoil the whole look or design of a space.  We'd like to share some easy ways to cover them up and keep your home feeling complete. 

From clever ways to hide your router to integrated design elements to hide air conditioning- let these ideas inspire you to finish a project at home. For the complete list click here

Can you spot the AC unit on this wall? Neither can we.

Can you spot the AC unit on this wall? Neither can we.

Never see a router again

Never see a router again

For a vintage feel 

For a vintage feel 

And for all of us with window units ^^^

And for all of us with window units ^^^

Helping You Find Your Place In The World

The Scholz Team helped more than 115 families find their place in the world in 2017. We worked with buyers and sellers throughout the city, from Jackson Heights to Sunnyside, from Ditmas Park to Bed Stuy and Brooklyn Heights, and from TriBeCa to Hamilton Heights- we know buying and selling in New York and how to work anywhere our clients take us.  We were also happy to help clients find the right agent and home in California, Chicago, New Jersey, and South Carolina.  Our national network of real estate professionals allows us to help all of our clients make intelligent investment decisions, no matter what market they are in. 

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Longer C Trains For Rush Hour

The MTA has announced plans to add cars to make C Line trains longer during rush hour, fitting 25% more riders per train.  The MTA has begun running a few longer train cars on the C line in order to accommodate neighborhood growth around it, according to agency spokesman Jon Weinstein. The longer cars, known as the R46 model, were built in the 1970s and currently run on other lines including the A. These cars are 75 feet long — 15 feet longer than the current models that run on the C.

That added space increases capacity on the line by 25 percent per train set. In total, five sets of eight-car R46s are running on the line, mixed in with two other models. “Lengthening C trains was a promise made — and kept — under the Subway Action Plan to increase capacity and improve service for our riders,” Weinstein said in a statement.

Read more here


New Year, Same Game Plan

The Scholz Team's most trusted Financial Advisor, Mariam Adams of Merrill Lynch, reports that the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research arm is expecting a steady rise in global markets as recovery continues in 2018.  She reports that "The slowdown in China has leveled off, and a number of economies that slipped into recession in 2016 are now in recovery."  Top sectors for 2018 are Technology, Materials, and Financial Services.  If you would like to read the full report, message us today or contact Mariam directly at mariam.adams@ml.com or via phone at (212) 236-9103. 

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How The Rent Stole Christmas

Running low on cash this Holiday Season? Wish that you had a little more green to stuff everyone's stockings? Maybe the Rent Stole your Christmas! Every year, thousands of New Yorkers across this city fall victim to the Christmas Rent Grinch- Holiday parties, gifts, dinners, and cheer come with a price tag and so does renting.  Spending your hard earned cash on someone else's equity just isn't wise. Owning a home allows for your money to appreciate and gain value over time as well as help reduce your tax burden.  And, owning in New York can often be the same price per month as renting. 

Don't believe us? Take for example the new, luxury Brooklyn development, 550 Vanderbilt. A studio purchased there with 30% down will yield a $2,488 monthly payment with the mortgage and common charges.  The rent for a similar unit in the same exact building is $2,500.  And while the costs are the same, the person paying to own is building equity, investing in their future net worth, and reducing their tax burden. 

So plan now and next year give yourself the gift of home ownership and take back Christmas!


Construction Permits and Growth in New York

The New York Times has examined a new New York City website listing construction permits between 2000 and 2016 and found some interesting data.  While conventional permits were largely focused on Manhattan, A1 and NB permits (Permits that allow for changes in use, occupancy, or egress) were largely centered in Queens and Brooklyn- highlighting the fast-paced changed those boroughs have seen in New Development in the last twenty years.  

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 9.41.35 AM.png