Notes from the Biking Broker: Design Inspiration - Bookshelves

Books have the power to transport us to other worlds and let us engage with other lives… but when we come to the end of the story, then that book becomes just another item in our homes in need of proper storage and organization. Fortunately, every crisis can be seen as an opportunity, and the storage of books offers the potential for design solutions that are aesthetically inspiring. Sometimes it is simply a matter of sorting all the books by the color of their bindings to create a rainbow across a shelf, or by flipping them all around to show only row after row of white pages (but be advised that both of these design decisions make it very hard to find a particular book). Others take the challenge of storing books to new heights by completely re-designing the bookshelves themselves… here are six below for your enjoyment and inspiration. As the old saying goes… “don’t judge a book by its cover, but rather by its bookshelf.”