Notes from the Biking Broker: Look Cool While Keeping Cool

The summer heat may finally be coming to an end, but will you be ready for next year? Here are three smart window AC units that actually look cool while keeping you cool.

The most distinct AC unit is the Kapsul, which is still in production and won't be available till Spring of 2019... there is still time to order one at a pre-release discount price. Completely redesigned to be easy to install, digitally connected, and visually unlike any other AC unit.

The standard-bearer of quality AC units has to be Friedrich, and their Kühl line may not look radically different, but it has a host of high-end details (purity, durability, and digitally connected) that make this a wise investment for superior temperature control. 

The final option, the Frigidaire Cool Connect, is the lowest price point of the three options presented here, but it still delivers a sleek design, efficiency, and digital connection.

This summer may be coming to a close, which typically means it is time to store your old tarnished AC unit in some dark corner of your apartment... or you can let go of the past and plan for the future, with a new way to keep stylishly cool next summer. 

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