Sold Via FaceTime

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You can buy almost anything from your phone these days, from dinner for two, to movie tickets and used cars. Now, New York real estate joins that list. We just worked with buyers from Michigan who placed an offer on the spot thanks to a video tour with FaceTime.  We were hosting an open house at our listing on the Upper West Side and a neighbor came to see the apartment.  He told me that his former professor was looking for a New York apartment and asked if he could FaceTime her.  

After giving her the full tour,  he handed me the phone and let us talk numbers. From that initial offer, contracts were drawn up and signed, and the deal was closed all without requiring a trip to New York until the closing.  This is just one example of how New York City real estate is changing every day with new technology and new innovations.  Compass is expanding on a national level, which means that we can help you find a home in most cities. No matter where you may be considering a real estate investment, let us know, we would love to be your advisors.