Pricing Makes Perfect

Pricing is a delicate topic for all sellers. I am often told "I don't want to give my home away" to which I reply "I haven't given one away yet!". Trust is important and I appreciate my clients trusting me with the marketing of their homes. In this post, I want to share a recent success story from some of our favorite clients. 

Smart pricing got my listing in Crown Heights into contract in 36 days with 5 offers on the table. The average days on market for the building is 130 days which means we sold our unit 3x Faster!   That difference in time is a huge help for our sellers, a young couple looking to move into a larger home upstate.  As the listing agent, it was pivotal for me to listen to what was most important to my sellers and create a market strategy that fit their needs.  

The fastest and most effective way for an owner to realize the maximum profit on the sale of a home is to get the pricing right. Having the proper list price can boost interest in the listing and drive traffic and, in turn, multiple offers. The wrong price can do the opposite; keeping potential buyers from seeing your listing or arrange a tour.  The homes that sell the faster and for the highest price point are priced competitively to attract a pool of buyers. Money flows to value. A home that is perceived as a good value will attract more buyers than an overpriced home. 

It’s much better to price it right and create such interest and demand where buyers are chasing you, versus you chasing the market backward and searching for the demand. So don’t be afraid to price your home fairly, or even underprice it—which is likely to attract buyers and boost the price to where it should be. 


  • -36 Days- Unit #307 with The Scholz Team
  • -132 Average Days on Market for the building
  • -116 Condo Crown Heights Days on Market
  • -127 Co-Op Crown Heights Days on Market

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