Is Renter's Insurance Worth It?


Although 95 percent of people who own homes carry homeowners insurance, only about 40% of renters have renters insurance, despite the fact that the average cost of a policy is around $200.  One reason is that mortgages often require insurance, but that doesn't explain the whole picture.  Often, renters believe that the value of the items in their home isn't worth getting insurance, the "Oh, I don't have anything fancy" reasoning.  This notion forgets that if there were an event that cost you all of your belongings, the cost to replace everything at once could be staggering. Imagine not only replacing big-ticket items like a laptop or tv, but also pots and pans, dishes, furniture, clothes, etc.   

Insurance specialist  Angelo DelBorgo with Putnam Insurance Agency, LLC states that "A few quick questions and all of your precious belongings are fully covered.  These renters policies also include cost of living expenses and liability coverage for negligence."  Angelo is always ready to help set up a policy for you, feel free to contact him anytime at or via (203) 967-1550.    

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Picture of Renter's Insurance Form