Our Favorite Summer Destinations

In an effort to share our favorite travel destinations with  you, our clients and friends, I asked each of our team members what was a place they have visited and fallen in love with during a summer.  Robert Bell fell in love with Malta  one summer ago saying:

"I had the opportunity to visit Malta last year, and I strongly recommend you visit as well. The main city of Valletta is geographically small, but it is packed with an abundance of beauty, including the Caravaggio masterpiece, "The Beheading of Saint John". Make sure to dine in the stone dining room of Guze Bistro, and taste the exquisite balance of flavors at Tal-Petut, and make sure to enjoy the brilliant pizza at La Vecchia Taranto. This island country, because of its remarkable natural harbors, has been intimately connected to the history of the Mediterranean for thousands of years. Explore ancient ruins all over the island, and drive over to Mdina to stroll thru the zig-zagging streets of this superbly maintained fortress... I strongly recommend spending a night at the Xara Palace Hotel which was built in the 17th century. Make time to take a ferry over to the rustic beauty of the tiny sister island of Gozo. Castles, temples, fortresses, and rugged natural beauty... not to be missed."

The head of our team, Cindy Scholz recommended a Scandinavian summer escape in the city of Stockholm.  "I suggest visiting the Stockholm Archipelago, a collection of 3,000 tiny islands off of Stockholm.  The islands are accessible via water taxi from Stockholm.  In the summer the vibe is very low key and unpretentious, and you've never felt so connected to nature.  You will not be taking a dip in the ocean unless you area polar bear, but you can take in the sun and enjoy delicious food and wine."

Our team manager, Sam, suggested the German capital of Berlin for a summer get away.  "I love Berlin in the summer for the laid back lifestyle, abundant art, and great nightlife .  I recommend staying in the Gorki Apartments for a taste of how locals live and do not miss the Bunker Berlin private art gallery; A tour is hard to get but well worth the effort.  Berliners love to spend an afternoon drinking beer and soaking up the sun in one of the dozens of parks throughout the city and I certainly recommend that you join in the fun."