The Scholz Connect Program works with executives relocating to New York and their families through the entire transition process.

Whether you are looking to buy  or rent , moving to New York is an exciting and stressful step to take in your life.  Finding the right neighborhood, building, and eventually, home can seem like an impossible challenge, especially from afar- and that is where The Scholz Team’s expertise comes into play.  

The Scholz Team helps more than 250 individuals and families in New York find their new home each year. We are not only skilled in explaining the nuances of the New York market, from the range of ownership options unique to New York to the breadth of service options available, from walk up to doorman, but we’re adept at explaining the demands of New York life as well, from tackling the city’s infamous storage problem to navigating it’s even more infamous roads and rails.

With The Scholz Team, we won’t just find you a home in New York, we will help you make New York home.

You can read more about the buying process in New York here.