Amazon's Other Business

Amazon, the massive online retailer that just purchased Whole Foods, has another business model you may not have heard of.  Amazon Lending, an arm of Amazon, has issued over $1 Billion in loans to merchants on its website.  The service started in 2011 when Amazon identified creditworthy merchants using the website and extended a line of credit.  Amazon then charges a commission on sales as the means of repaying the loan.  Algorithms are used to identify the merchants and loan values go as high as $750,000.   All in all, it's just another way in which Amazon is cornering their market and expanding their busienss.

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Sounds of the City

Visiting your family on the West Coast? With friends at a beach house out east? Investigating a murder in the deep south? No matter what has you far from the city, now you can sleep easy knowing that your neighborhood sounds are a click away and ready to lull you to sleep.   Sounds Of NYC now has a localized audio playlist for each neighborhood in Manhattan (sorry Brooklyn, maybe try the Lower East Side?) to help remind you of the home you're always happy to return to.  Check it out at


Our Favorite Summer Destinations

In an effort to share our favorite travel destinations with  you, our clients and friends, I asked each of our team members what was a place they have visited and fallen in love with during a summer.  Robert Bell fell in love with Malta  one summer ago saying:

"I had the opportunity to visit Malta last year, and I strongly recommend you visit as well. The main city of Valletta is geographically small, but it is packed with an abundance of beauty, including the Caravaggio masterpiece, "The Beheading of Saint John". Make sure to dine in the stone dining room of Guze Bistro, and taste the exquisite balance of flavors at Tal-Petut, and make sure to enjoy the brilliant pizza at La Vecchia Taranto. This island country, because of its remarkable natural harbors, has been intimately connected to the history of the Mediterranean for thousands of years. Explore ancient ruins all over the island, and drive over to Mdina to stroll thru the zig-zagging streets of this superbly maintained fortress... I strongly recommend spending a night at the Xara Palace Hotel which was built in the 17th century. Make time to take a ferry over to the rustic beauty of the tiny sister island of Gozo. Castles, temples, fortresses, and rugged natural beauty... not to be missed."

The head of our team, Cindy Scholz recommended a Scandinavian summer escape in the city of Stockholm.  "I suggest visiting the Stockholm Archipelago, a collection of 3,000 tiny islands off of Stockholm.  The islands are accessible via water taxi from Stockholm.  In the summer the vibe is very low key and unpretentious, and you've never felt so connected to nature.  You will not be taking a dip in the ocean unless you area polar bear, but you can take in the sun and enjoy delicious food and wine."

Our team manager, Sam, suggested the German capital of Berlin for a summer get away.  "I love Berlin in the summer for the laid back lifestyle, abundant art, and great nightlife .  I recommend staying in the Gorki Apartments for a taste of how locals live and do not miss the Bunker Berlin private art gallery; A tour is hard to get but well worth the effort.  Berliners love to spend an afternoon drinking beer and soaking up the sun in one of the dozens of parks throughout the city and I certainly recommend that you join in the fun." 

No Holes? No Problem!

Don't want your landlord to keep your security depsoit? Want to hide all the cords on your desk or home office?  Have to work with a wall of windows?  Architectural Digest recently published an article on some inventive ideas for displaying art in unconventional ways.  Whether you're a nervous renter or owner who just wants to refresh a space,  these tips may be just what you needed! 

Check out the full article on Architectural Digest Here!

Start at the Bottom for Tip Top Redecorating

Starting with the basics, a large rug and drawing out a quick floor plan, is often the best first step to take when redecorating a room.  Rather than going out and immediately ordering a new, large piece of furniture, start with what you have.  Beginning with the floors and walls, work your way into the space filling as you go; you may just find you don't need to purchase anything after all.  For more redecorating tips, check out this article on Architectural Digest featuring tips from great designers. 


Chashama After Party


When the clock strikes 9pm on Thursday June 8th, the 22nd floor of 4 Times Square will erupt into the "Art is Everywhere" chashama Gala After Party. Come dressed to impress as you wander around the interactive environment, with artists and performers around every corner.  xplore installations of wonder and witness performers roaming all around you. Step into the kaleidodrome, play in the Zygote garden, or visit the Pleasure Palace. 

9pm-12am at 4 Times Square, 22nd Floor
(Enter at 42nd St)
New York, NY

There's something for everyone at the "Art is Everywhere" After Party. For more information and tickets visit

And for more information about the chashama Gala visit





International Buyer's Guide

Buying in New York is always complicated, but when you live in another country, an extra level of difficulty applies.  The Scholz Team is experienced in the added steps that are required to help international buyers navigate these challenges. We work with the experienced attorneys, appraisers, and financiers in order to make the process as smooth as possible.  When you work with The Scholz Team, you can truly focus on finding a home you love, and let us handle the details.

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Anna Wintour's Wild Garden

Credit Ricardo Labougle New York Times

Credit Ricardo Labougle New York Times


Looking through some past videos on the New York Times website I came across a piece about "Anna Wintour's Wild Garden" that was published this past Summer. Many people know about her NYC townhouse  located in the Macdougal-Sullivan Gardens Historic District with its very exclusive garden (even more so than Gramercy Park) but this "Wild Garden" I was unfamiliar with. While I had assumed Ms. Wintour had a home outside of the city I had no idea the size nor the actual location of this second home (compound??). My curiosity got the better of me and I found myself googling for over an hour to find out more about this strange enclave she had created. 

Surprisingly it is not located in one of the tony Hamptons towns, as one might assume. Since 1989 Anna Wintour has been slowly piecing together a massive estate in Mastic Long Island (not even Quogue, for those RHONY fans out there).  Don't get me wrong, Mastic doesn't seem to be the next "Place To See and Be Seen" due to Ms. Wintour's presence.  Anna is famously known for saying "I just import the people I want... I don't mind the town. It's white trash of course, but I don't care" but there is obviously some sort of a draw for the Artistic Director of the Condé Nast empire. 

In the entry court, where guests park, Pheasant’s Eye narcissus blooms at the foot of the wall in spring, before the Cecile Brunner roses overhead come into flower. Credit Ricardo Labougle New York Times

In the entry court, where guests park, Pheasant’s Eye narcissus blooms at the foot of the wall in spring, before the Cecile Brunner roses overhead come into flower. Credit Ricardo Labougle New York Times

Francis E. Lester roses on rustic trellises flanking a path that meanders between the old and new house. Credit Ricardo Labougle New York Times

Francis E. Lester roses on rustic trellises flanking a path that meanders between the old and new house. Credit Ricardo Labougle New York Times

At 42+ acres and counting, one of the most impressive parts of the property are the grounds.  Designed by landscape architect Miranda Brooks, there is a very natural and light feel to them. Much more untethered English Garden than uptight Hamptons Estate. While much of the property looks "unkempt" it is in actuality a thought out 20 year process. Many of the organic seeming meadows were meticulously sewn to appear as if they have always been.  One of the great talent of Ms Brooks is to make everything seem so natural, when in fact all of it has been well planned. The video below from the NY Times gives a great insight into this process. 

I'm definitely biased, having spent much of my youth visiting my British family in the countryside of Somerset, but the way all of the plantings are over grown and uncultivated makes for a perfect escape from the harsh reality on the city. 


One World Trade Party Photos

We want to thank everyone for attending our client appreciation party this past week, and those of you who were unable to attend were sorely missed.

We are grateful for your support and business and thankful for the opportunity a very special NYC experience with you. We have shown many of you the city in some capacity, but never from an aerial view. 

Art and culture are the heartbeats of NYC, and we thank you for taking the time to learn more about chashama. A fantastic art charity that provides artist residential and commercial space to stay in the city we all love.

Until next year.....