Is Colorful Grout Trending?

Everyone knows about conventional grout colors- matching white tiles to the same shade of white grout can prove maddening.  But what if you went for something bolder?   A trend in kitchen and bathroom design now is to add a pop of color with pink, green, blue, or even red grout.  Don't just take our word for it, see for yourself below.  

Love it? Hate it? We aren't sure either. 

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Sold Via FaceTime

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You can buy almost anything from your phone these days, from dinner for two, to movie tickets and used cars. Now, New York real estate joins that list. We just worked with buyers from Michigan who placed an offer on the spot thanks to a video tour with FaceTime.  We were hosting an open house at our listing on the Upper West Side and a neighbor came to see the apartment.  He told me that his former professor was looking for a New York apartment and asked if he could FaceTime her.  

After giving her the full tour,  he handed me the phone and let us talk numbers. From that initial offer, contracts were drawn up and signed, and the deal was closed all without requiring a trip to New York until the closing.  This is just one example of how New York City real estate is changing every day with new technology and new innovations.  Compass is expanding on a national level, which means that we can help you find a home in most cities. No matter where you may be considering a real estate investment, let us know, we would love to be your advisors. 


Designed to Feel Connected

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Do you ever wish that you were more connected to nature? Or that your home allowed you to be more connected to the environment it is set in? A new design trend called Biophilic Design may be one to consider when building or remodeling your home.  

Biophilic Design is based on the principle that connecting a person to nature through design can actually make them feel happier.  Amanda Sturgeon, a prominent architect and champion of Biophilic Design states that humans "possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life." Drawing on this need for connection, Biophilic Design uses natural features such as wood, stone, and clay along with natural light and shapes found in nature to create inviting and comfortable spaces.  

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Is Renter's Insurance Worth It?


Although 95 percent of people who own homes carry homeowners insurance, only about 40% of renters have renters insurance, despite the fact that the average cost of a policy is around $200.  One reason is that mortgages often require insurance, but that doesn't explain the whole picture.  Often, renters believe that the value of the items in their home isn't worth getting insurance, the "Oh, I don't have anything fancy" reasoning.  This notion forgets that if there were an event that cost you all of your belongings, the cost to replace everything at once could be staggering. Imagine not only replacing big-ticket items like a laptop or tv, but also pots and pans, dishes, furniture, clothes, etc.   

Insurance specialist  Angelo DelBorgo with Putnam Insurance Agency, LLC states that "A few quick questions and all of your precious belongings are fully covered.  These renters policies also include cost of living expenses and liability coverage for negligence."  Angelo is always ready to help set up a policy for you, feel free to contact him anytime at or via (203) 967-1550.    

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Is It a Buyer's Or Seller's Market? Yes!

People always ask us if the market right now is a seller's market or a buyer's market and recently the answer is "Yes, both."  So how can that be?  New York's real estate market has become split based on price point and neighborhood -- those selling at higher price points, $2M and up, are making price cuts and dealing with more days on market.  Seller's under $1M though are seeing properties fly off the market and are frequently getting higher than ask for their homes.  This is even truer in hot neighborhoods such as Flatbush Brooklyn or Flushing Queens where sellers are really controlling the show. 

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Introducing Shep!

Hello, Scholz Team Real Estate Enthusiasts, Friends & Clients!  

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I am honored and excited to join The Scholz Team, one of the founding teams at Compass! After 11 successful years at Sotheby's International Realty, I was recruited in September to join Compass, and can genuinely say that I could not be happier with this decision.  Upon first meeting with Cindy, I learned very quickly that her personality, experience, mindset, and forward-looking goals for her growing team were a natural fit for me.  The momentum since joining has been swift and I'm primed and ready to enjoy the ride! I feel empowered to harness the deep experience I gained while at Sotheby's with the best platform in the business at Compass with a well-balanced team of dynamic professionals, led by Cindy! 

Compass is a revolutionary company and can be equated to the Google of real estate.    Revolutionary both for the innovative proprietary tools which are making selling and buying real estate better than ever before, but also for the core mission that the company was built upon: "To help everyone find their place in the world".  In 6 short months with Compass, it's very clear to me that this mission rings true on every level: indeed as a broker, my mission is to help my clients find or sell their home, and I am better positioned than ever to do so.  But what is equally as impressive and important to me, and something that the public may not see, is that these values permeate the fabric of the culture within the company - top to bottom, left to right, from the CEO / Founder and senior management to the staff that builds, designs, markets and supports us, agents, down to folks that clean and keep the buildings beautiful and safe.  Each person is valued and given the same opportunity to work hard and elevate.

12 years a NYC resident, my life, and real estate expertise are split between Brooklyn and Manhattan.  I've lived in many of the Brooklyn neighborhoods, play a host of racquet games at the Racquet & Tennis Club in midtown (of the top US amateurs in Court Tennis).  Working out of Upper East Side Sotheby's office, I gained experience doing business in all locations of Manhattan, and all price-points.  My faith is central to me - Christian in practice, but broad and open.  I'm on the Vestry of The Church of the Ascension, an Episcopal church in Greenwich Village (2 blocks south of Compass :), where I volunteer at the Food Pantry and Homeless Shelter.  There is a bi-coastal history too; I have family roots in Los Angeles and significant time spent there throughout my life, and a newer found appreciation for the Bay Area, having spent a harvest season in 2014 working on a wine vineyard (Alysian - run by a prep-school friend) in Sonoma County California. 

I look forward to harnessing my own personal real estate expertise within the fabulous and multi-dimensional team Cindy has built, under her good leadership!  Youth combined with years of experience doing deals in all parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn, I believe Team Scholz is positioned perfectly to service our client base and refer you to local experts in all of our markets here and abroad.

Empire State of Sparkle

The Empire State Building now has a flashy nightly light show -- according to Time Out, the Empire State Building will now be putting on a sparkling light show on the hour, every hour, between sunset and 2am. The sassy skyscraper sparkle parties will last for five minutes and showcase the building’s advanced LED light system, that was completely overhauled in 2012. 

You can share your photos and videos of the new flashy light show on social media using the hashtag #ESBsparkle. 


Introducing Brendan

Hey there, it’s nice to meet you. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have joined Compass, but more importantly, the Scholz Team! You’re probably wondering who I am, where I came from, and why I decided to join Compass and this team.

I currently live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with my boyfriend and the occasional foster dog. I grew up in Pittsburgh as the oldest of four boys, spent four amazing years at Lehigh University studying finance and real estate before making my way to New York City. My first apartment was actually across the Hudson in Jersey City for a short year, and since then I’ve been in the city: first in Sutton Place/Midtown East, then Chelsea, and now Williamsburg.

Prior to joining Compass I worked at PNC, most recently in real estate banking where I got to learn the New York City market while working on construction loans and commercial mortgages. After 5 ½ years, I was ready to say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to the people and properties that give New York City its pulse.

When the time came to pick a brokerage firm, I knew Compass was where I wanted to be after friends who worked here raved about the culture. I had to experience it for myself. And when an agent friend introduced me to Cindy, he said, “I could really see the two of you vibing.” The rest is history!


Credit Freeze


Tax season means that everyone is looking at their financials- from corporate entities to mom and pop shops to individual employees, it's the time of year to take a step back and asses.  One important step in that process should also be to check your credit score and make sure that nothing looks out of the ordinary.  Privacy breaches in 2017 at some of the top credit firms mean that it is vital to explore options to protect access to your credit.  One of the most effective ways to do this is freezing your credit. Click here to freeze your credit and click here to read about other ways to protect yourself and your finances.  



Cook Up Some Color

One frequently overlooked design element in kitchens, and especially in New York kitchens, is color.  Like many of you, we appreciate the clean and fresh feel of a muted or white kitchen; but adding color can go a long way to add style and personality to your home. From easy touches of color with art or planters to going full in with a tiled backsplash or school bus yellow oven, why not cook up some color in your kitchen? 

One of the more expensive touches of color would have to be the appliances.  Adding color this way may seem dangerous, but just look at the pay off.  Cabinents, accent chairs, tiles, and art are also great ways to incorporate color. 

For more ideas on adding color to your home, click here.